by Kimmie Lorraine


Wedding Wednesday: Engagement Photo Tips


Happy Wedding Wednesday! This is my first official blog in this series that will cover the different aspects of my own planning process for our wedding in October. These are things that I have learned first hand, and I hope they can give you some insight. First off, engagement photos! 

Scott and I are the LEAST photogenic people ever, but we had so much fun with our engagement photos and we really treasure them. TIP #1: If you are NOT photogenic pick a photographer that does not make you pose, but rather allows you to be candid. I promise your photos will turn out much more genuine and you will be happy with the end result. 


Here are some simple Do's and Don'ts for engagement photos: 

Do: Research a photographer that you think you want for the wedding. 

-This is your best chance, other than looking at their portfolio, to know if they are right for you. I recommend doing your engagement photos with them and then booking them for the wedding after. It is really important that both of you feel comfortable with your photographer. I was really lucky that I had worked with Kamrin Dishman (KNDMCO) before so I knew I loved her!

Don't: Pick a day that you are going to be rushed. 

- I wanted to make sure we had photos on a day that Scott was off work, but I still had work that day. This really put a bunch of unnecessary pressure on me to get ready etc. I definitely recommend finding a time where you can dedicate most of your day to getting ready, travel time, taking photos and then go out for dinner after! Taking the photos is really fun and because you will be dressed up you might as well take advantage. 

Do: Change outfits and consider location changes, or more pick one location that has a variety of aesthetics. 

-We have used our photos for a few different things since taking them like our engagement party invites, Christmas card and Save the Dates! Taking photos in different outfits can be a really effective way to use your photos for more than just Save the Dates etc. We also chose two locations that were fairly close together Soledad Mountain (where we got engaged) and then Scripps Pier which is close by. This also gives the photos very different looks and I didn't want them to be completely at the beach. 



Don't: Bring too many props, if any. (Signs, dogs etc.)

-This can really take away from the experience. We had our friend bring our dogs for few shots, and then she took them back. This way they weren't distracting the whole time, but I am really glad we had them in some of our photos. Because...FUR CHILDREN!


Do: Get your make-Up done or your hair done by a potential Make-Up Artist or Hair Stylist

-If budget wise you can't do both or if you are only getting one done for the wedding I definitely recommend getting your make-up done. Again, this is a great time to test out a make-up artist. I actually found Shelby McElroy on Instagram (shelby_mcelroy) and I loved her. She did a really great job, and she will be doing my make-up for our wedding. I also had my hair done by Franco Chavarria at Koda Salon in La Jolla. Franco is really amazing! I recommend giving him a visit at Koda! 

I asked Scott what his tips would be for guys and he said to just have fun and know that the photos are really worth it! We laughed the entire time, and really just enjoyed our time together. 

Happy Wedding Wednesday! 

xoxo Kimmie Lorraine

(All photos by Kamrin Dishman) 
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